Comment 7 for bug 1061229


You wrote: "I was just mentioning that when you opened up the switcher in detail mode the currently active window will be at the end, because I don't see how it can be the second choice yet have the third window activate when you hit it twice."

You should put the current focused window in the first position, just like the Alt+Tab dialog does with the current focused application. The focus should be in the second window, just like the Alt+Tab dialog.

So if you press and hold Alt+` once, the order of the presented windows in "detail mode" has to be:

and 2 should have the focus (this is what Alt+Tab does with applications)

Pressing the grave key a second time (while holding Alt) should move the focus to 3 (without changing the order in the detailed view).

Then I do some work in window 3, and I decide to switch windows again. Pressing and holding Alt+` should present this order:


with the focus in 1.