Comment 5 for bug 1061229

I think we are talking about different ordering :). I was talking about the order of the windows in the detail mode, if you press and hold alt+`. It seems you are talking about the window stack order which I am not touching, it still behaves as it should.

I was just mentioning that when you opened up the switcher in detail mode the currently active window will be at the end, because I don't see how it can be the second choice yet have the third window activate when you hit it twice.

So if you press and hold Alt+` once, the order of the windows in detail mode has to be:

If it was:

Pressing Alt+` grave twice would give you window 1 which is what this bug is all about....

With my changes you would get window 3, which would still preserve the window stack, ie it just raises the selected window to the top and focuses it. Leaving the currently selected window as the last active window.

I think I mis worded my previous statement, my branch does what you want :)