Comment 15 for bug 977262

Gerry Boland (gerboland) wrote :

Summary I've figured out after some back-tracking - this code has been sitting in our repo for some time now:

This bug is that some 24 bit icons would show up with a ? icon. It's fixed by this MR:

A MR was later made to automate a test for this fix (instead of manual test):

While using the automated test, it pointed out that some 24 bit icon types would show with slightly incorrect colouring. This branch added such a troublesome icon and a fix so the test passed:
Yes this branch has some refactoring too, it was not made to be SRU specific. In testing last week, we could barely distinguish the visual change this branch performs. As a result, that branch has been reverted for now.

So the first 2 branches should be included in the SRU in my opinion.

We can later create a bug about this colouring bug, attach the fix and merge it. But right now both Albert & I are quite busy. What do you think?