Comment 1 for bug 1125219

Gabriel Elder (eldergabriel) wrote :

I also ran into this problem in an identical scenario a while back: netbook, no optical drive (internal or external), and win7 only installs from ntfs source media. I managed to trace the problem down to a few regexes in unetbootin.cpp. After a few minor mods, I recompiled and tested with an ntfs-formatted usb flash drive. It booted from the flash drive and went through the installation just fine. I thought I had submitted a patch, but maybe I oops'ed and it went to /dev/null. Anyways, here's what it should need (based on v583 sources)...

line 575, change from --
if (QString(callexternapp(volidcommand, QString("-t %2").arg("(vfat|ext2|ext3|ext4)")))
if (QString(callexternapp(volidcommand, QString("-t %2").arg("(vfat|ext2|ext3|ext4|ntfs)")))

and line 583, change from --
if (tstrblk.section('=', -1, -1).remove('"').contains(QRegExp("(vfat|ext2|ext3|ext4)")))
if (tstrblk.section('=', -1, -1).remove('"').contains(QRegExp("(vfat|ext2|ext3|ext4|ntfs)")))

Just for the record, I'll attach a diff -u patch.

- gabriel