Comment 2 for bug 609186

On Fri, 2010-07-23 at 14:44 +0000, Barry Warsaw wrote:
> We talked about this at the Platform Rally in Prague.
> You know what would be really cool? bzr branch ubuntu:foo where 'foo'
> can be either the binary or source package name. This would always look
> up the source package name and give you the lp:ubuntu/foosrc checkout,
> however if that is out-of-date or has other problems, it would:
> * apt-get source foosrc
> * bzr add *
> * bzr commit
> to give you a dvcs controlled source branch in all cases. It *might* be
> better to provide a warning and not do the apt-get source if there's a
> problem, but to support that with a switch (e.g. bzr branch ubuntu:foo
> --allow-aptget or some such).
FWIW it's already possible to use "bzr branch deb:foo" to do this for
the Debian sources, though that goes out to the VCS location declared in
the package (Vcs-Bzr/Vcs-Git/...) rather than to Launchpad.