Comment 14 for bug 609186

On Sep 28, 2010, at 10:11 PM, Jelmer Vernooij wrote:

>It seems strange to me that debian distroseries would live in the
>"ubuntu:" namespace. If we e.g. end up also importing mepis or
>gnewsense into Launchpad this may become problematic (and even more

Fair enough.

I'd still like a shortcut for the Debian branches in Launchpad...

>> I think Jelmer's concerns are well founded, but I'm not sure how
>> best to reconcile then with our desires at this point.
>We all seem to agree that supporting "ubuntu:" for Ubuntu packages and
>renaming "deb:" to "apt:" is a good idea. Fetching Ubuntu packages
>seems like the most common use case for udd anyway. I don't want to
>dismiss the other bits of your branch but perhaps we can get those in
>first then consider the other things?


>I personally prefer "ubuntu:" over "u:" as well, because it is clearer
>and not that much longer. Somebody reading over my shoulder or reading
>a blog post will probably be able to guess what "bzr log ubuntu:samba"
>does. There obviously is a tradeoff there between readability and
>command length there. I'm glad we don't have "bzr log -r a:../bla" as
>an alias of "bzr log -r ancestor:../bla", but that we do have -r as an
>alias of --revision.

Sounds good. I can live without u:

How about this as a plan of action:

* rename deb: to apt:
* add ubuntu: to the lp directory service
* add debianlp: to the lp directory service

If y'all agree, I'll port my patch over to bzr.