Comment 4 for bug 646296

Elliot Murphy (statik) wrote :

While researching and preparing the music streaming feature we opened discussions with the upstream developers of both the server software and the client software, none of them will be surprised to learn about Ubuntu One music streaming plans. To be clear, we are not using a single letter of code from the Subsonic server, we have our own implementation which provides a compatible API - it sounds like you have misinformed the upstream author. Please follow up to correct this to save unnecessary worries.

I believe there are zero license violations in any of the Ubuntu One code. We're only human though, and make mistakes, so if anyone ever does find or suspect a licensing problem I'm really really happy to be told about it immediately, and we would immediately correct things. Please, if you or anyone reading this worries that some part of Ubuntu One has a licensing violation, do let us know right away - filing a bug is a great way to do this.