Comment 9 for bug 375145

I agree with all that has been said.

Mark Suttleworth was asked during the 2009 ubuntu open week "(12:25:17 PM) jcastro: <nixternal> jcastro: QUESTION: Do you think Kubuntu is a blue headed step child that every seems to think it is? If not, can you put the rumours to rest, with possibly a song or a lovely poem letting everyone know just how much you really love us over in the Kubuntu community?

Mark replied - "Oh dear this makes me rather sad because I do not know what else I can do"

I really apreachaste the hard work that goes into Kubuntu and the support and love from Mark and the community towards KDE, but to tie a service into gnome that would also benefit KDE users would be great.

I agree with Andrew Stromme's comments above regarding how this could be intergrated into the KDE experience using the 4.3 system tray, kpart and plasma.

Is the API open so that someone could develop the KDE intergration?