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Harald Sitter (apachelogger) wrote :

Well, Google Summer of Code is over.

And after having spent more than a week shaking a new graphical frontend for the now third version of authentication handling out my sleeve, I have learned but one thing. While you work on building something, something else will surely break in a way that will requrie half a work day to track down.
It is somewhat impossible to develop a KDE frontend while sitting outside of canonical and being in a completely different time zone than the Ubuntu One team.
On top of that I have seen crappy code design, crappy packaging, inexistance of cross-desktop awareness and cross-operatingsystem awareness and unavailability of a stable working target to develop against...

So I would put it as "I am giving up".

In the future I will devote time towards making ownCloud (a truely free "Cloud" implementation) more accessibile to the masses.