Comment 125 for bug 375145

Roberto Alsina (ralsina) wrote :

@flying-sheep we are not going to write a plasma widget. We try to provide as much cross-platform compatibility as we can, but we are not going to write that.

If you check the current version, using --with-icon in the control panel will show you:

1. Icon that shows the sync status
2. A way to connect/disconnect (there is no logout, only authorized/unauthorized devices)
3. A way to jump to the folder
4. shows current and recent transfers
5. Access to the control panel (where you can unauthorize your device, add/remove folders from syncing, etc).
6) Access to the web page (where you can do yet other things).

We are not providing emblems and context menus in the file managers in none of our supported platforms except for Nautilus (and honestly, we support it there because it's already written), but the APIs are there, I posted a link to code that uses that to provide them.

The only part not packaged is the dolphin integration, which we'll be happy to help package, but is a 3rd party tool.