Comment 124 for bug 375145

flying sheep (flying-sheep) wrote :

since there is confusion about what “works as expected comprises, i’ll give you a full informal spec.

“Feature-complete Ubuntu One client for KDE” means:

1. plasma-widget usable in the tray with the following functionality:

    1. its icon shows the current sync status
    2. it provides access to controls (such as logout/exit/jump-to-directory)
    3. it provides a detailed status (such as space left)
    4. it provides settings (such as en/disabling notifications)

2. integration into dolphin like git/svn:

    1. context-sensitive right-click menu (only available in synched directories, only providing contextually useful commands such as ignore or unignore)
    2. status icons per file (synched, synching, ignored)

3. both parts being available in ubuntu’s official package repo.