Comment 12 for bug 375145

I think I'm doing this reply correctly... it's to Rodney Dawes if this appears
screwed up.

On Tuesday 12 May 2009 18:47:11 Rodney Dawes wrote:
> The tray icon does not launch nautilus directly at all. What we do is
> call the xdg-open command, which under GNOME opens files with
> gnome-open, and under KDE does what is appropriate there (I don't know
> exactly, as I'm a GNOME user/developer). So, the applet should open your
> preferred browser and whatever file manager you are using, under KDE. If
> it does not open the correct things, we would consider this as a bug.

This is good, thank you for using the standards :)

> We also use libnotify to pop up notifications, and so the appropriate
> daemon handling those DBus methods would be used.

This is tangential to the issue at hand, but I think libnotify needs to have a
kde module that converts its messages to the new kde notification/systray
format. Who knows if that will happen, but it would be nice. (the reverse
would help as well)

> We're also very happy to have more complete integration for KDE. While
> not a priority as we were working on getting to beta, as the main Ubuntu
> distro is based on GNOME, we will be very happy to support both desktops
> for the non-beta release in time for Karmic in October. Thanks for your
> interest, and the comments!

I understand that priorities must come in, but it does sometimes feel that
when a solution has been designed with the mindset of a certain desktop
environment it tends to carry that feel with it when it is ported to others.
This often makes applications feel out of place. I can't help but wondering
that if from the start the app is designed with both de's in mind things would
turn out better.

Anyways, sorry if I seemed harsh or accusatory, I'm really not trying to be.
It is very good news that the entire client side is open source, and even
better that it is split up into daemon and client. Unfortunately I do not yet
have a ubuntu one account, but I might be interested in working on a kde
client for the service. I tried (and failed) to use dropbox, but I still very
much would like synchronized desktops between my laptop and my desktop (it
might even be enough to pull my desktop back from the lands of Arch Linux :P
to match the kubuntu on my laptop).

Thanks for the reply,

Andrew Stromme