Comment 10 for bug 375145

Hi Andrew,

On Tue, 2009-05-12 at 14:16 +0000, Andrew Stromme wrote:
> Additionally, integration into the normal workflow is a huge part of KDE
> apps in general. While I can use a gnome application, that doesn't mean
> that I can use it without significantly adjusting how I work. I
> understand it likely works the same way for a kde app in a gnome
> environment.
> It is a huge pain to have an app that doesn't play nicely with the kde
> workspace. This means not launching Nautilus when Dolphin or Konqueror
> (kpart) integration would work. This means using the new KDE systray as
> it matures (which I might add has fallbacks to work in other systrays).
> This means integrating into the KDE theme as a qt app (the gtk qt theme
> is blatantly broken in some areas). This means having a plasmoid that
> shows the status of the backup/sync. This means using the KDE
> Notifications to elegantly notify the user of status updates.

The tray icon does not launch nautilus directly at all. What we do is
call the xdg-open command, which under GNOME opens files with
gnome-open, and under KDE does what is appropriate there (I don't know
exactly, as I'm a GNOME user/developer). So, the applet should open your
preferred browser and whatever file manager you are using, under KDE. If
it does not open the correct things, we would consider this as a bug. We
also use libnotify to pop up notifications, and so the appropriate
daemon handling those DBus methods would be used.

> While I am already very thankful for the service, and I understand that
> code does not get written magically, I find it sad that a focus can be
> so intense on one environment that it completely misses another. Also, I
> think that having an integrated solution for sync is amazing and needed
> and wonderful and I can't praise Canonical enough for its forward steps
> in this direction.

We're also very happy to have more complete integration for KDE. While
not a priority as we were working on getting to beta, as the main Ubuntu
distro is based on GNOME, we will be very happy to support both desktops
for the non-beta release in time for Karmic in October. Thanks for your
interest, and the comments!