Comment 0 for bug 1635656

Colin Ian King (colin-king) wrote :

[SRU Justification]

SPL (spl-linux) is currently now sync'd to Debian and ZFS has been updated to -0ubuntu4, so sync these changes to yakkety as a SRU.

Changes to the kernel are minimal, just to spl/module/spl/spl-generic.c, where a redundant (and somewhat alarming) warning message has been removed.

Other than that, the changes are just to do with the autotools config scripts. I've build and tested these changes against the kernel-team autotest-client-tests ZFS regression tests and no regressions have been found.

[Test case]
Run against all the kernel-team autotest-client-tests ZFS regression tests - all should pass

[Regression Potential]
1. Minor changes to autotools config scripts - however these have been tested and will only affect the build and not the run time binary
2. No major code change to drivers except for removing a redundant warning message that should not be issued, so only this may break any weird code that is scraping the kernel log for such non-standard messages (which is not expected).