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Robie Basak (racb) wrote : Re: [SRU] Backport letsencrypt 0.14.1

I've prepared backport branches for 0.14.2 for Xenial, Yakkety and Zesty against python-acme, python-certbot, python-certbot-apache and python-certbot-nginx. That's 12 branches. There are an additional 2 branches that handle the source package renames in Xenial. I've pushed all of these to Alioth git prefixed "rbasak-guest/".

Next step: review.

Managing the branches by hand was a nightmare, so I ended up writing a script that creates all the branches. This allowed me to iterate. It's probably easier to review my generator script than review each branch individually. I've pushed the generator scripts (and support files) to a branch called "rbasak-guest/backport-tools" in the Alioth python-certbot repository:

You can find the repositories for the other source packages on Alioth at:

Nish, could you review these please?

Separately, I'll look at Peter's SRU documentation.