Comment 14 for bug 1487679

Hi Martin,

I don't have access to any systems without network-manager (that's ubuntu-server installations, I imagine?) so I cannot say if it currently works with plain ifupdown or not, and if the patch will break it.

Let's assume the worst, that it now works there and that the patch will break it. In that case we have:

1) The nbd-client sysvinit service will not work as expected; users will notice and hopefully will find this bug report telling them that they need to revert the $network patch.

But now we have:

2) The nbd-client sysvinit service breaking not only itself but other packages as well! Network-manager or other services randomly not starting!
This even affects persons that don't use the nbd-client sysvinit service at all, but just need the nbd-client executable (like LTSP or QEMU users or persons wishing to use nbd-client to temporarily access a remote disk).

I believe that (2) is a lesser evil than (1), which I imagine only affect a minority of the ubuntu-server installations that also happend to need the nbd-client service.

In any case, if this won't be fixed for Xenial, let's please mention it in this bug report, so that we develop a workaround in LTSP, for all LTSP users that need it immediately.

Thanks a lot,