Comment 9 for bug 1781364

Vasiliy (vvershkov) wrote :

My experiments was here:

I installed new 18.04 + zfs + lxd - zfs hangs (well, that would be awkward if would not)
+zfsutils-linux=0.7.5-1ubuntu16.3 - zfs hangs (ok, we need upgrade kernel too)
+kernel= (all packages) - still hangs :( Am I missing something?
+everything_0.7.5=0.7.5-1ubuntu16.3 - still hangs...
+upgrade+dist-upgrade from proposed - still hangs...

So this bug doesn't fixed for me... And it is strange, because I used to install zfs 0.7.9 from source with commit that fixed bug ( - and that worked for me on default kernel (