Comment 9 for bug 1686099

Dave (furiousd) wrote :

I've got the same problem from a number of Ubuntu 16.04 machines. They're running on Hyper-V and so they've got the following installed as per Microsoft recommendations:

linux-virtual-lts-xenial linux-tools-virtual-lts-xenial linux-cloud-tools-virtual-lts-xenial

It happens a few minutes after mounting an SMB share. The share eventually disconnects. I get the errors below on the console and it starts flooding our SMB share servers. In one instance, we connect to DFS shares so it is flooding the domain controllers.

Errors seen on console:
CIFS VFS: Autodisabling the use of server inode numbers on \\server\share. This server doesn't seem to support them properly. Hard dlinks will not be recognized on this mount.
CIFS VFS: Error -104 sending data on the socket to server.

Since I have the linux-virtual-lts-xenial kernel installed is there a virtual kernel I can upgrade to or just mainline?