Comment 341 for bug 1470250

Joseph Salisbury (jsalisbury) wrote :

I was able to backport the two patches to Trusty. It required quite a few prerequisite commits. The following commits were backported to a Trusty test kernel:

f9cc88d lp1470250: patch from faulpeltz
6f3e8a2 Drivers: hv: utils: Continue to poll VSS channel after handling requests.
725a85d Drivers: hv: utils: fix a race on userspace daemons registration
a0c12c6 Drivers: hv: kvp: fix IP Failover
51fea7d Drivers: hv: utils: Invoke the poll function after handshake
42fb309 Drivers: hv: utils: run polling callback always in interrupt context
505de58 Drivers: hv: fcopy: full handshake support
2ec9789 Drivers: hv: vss: full handshake support
e12c519 Tools: hv: vss: use misc char device to communicate with kernel
1f3abc0 Drivers: hv: kvp: convert to hv_utils_transport
d789589 Drivers: hv: fcopy: convert to hv_utils_transport
51ed5da Drivers: hv: vss: convert to hv_utils_transport
edbff5d Drivers: hv: util: introduce hv_utils_transport abstraction
056fbb5 Drivers: hv: fcopy: switch to using the hvutil_device_state state machine
5eb0af4 Drivers: hv: vss: switch to using the hvutil_device_state state machine
a170e78 Drivers: hv: kvp: switch to using the hvutil_device_state state machine
a539598 Drivers: hv: fcopy: rename fcopy_work -> fcopy_timeout_work
7894b35 Drivers: hv: kvp: rename kvp_work -> kvp_timeout_work
d3fc031 Drivers: hv: kvp,vss: Fast propagation of userspace communication failure
ee85362 Drivers: hv: vss: Introduce timeout for communication with userspace
d714c5a Tools: hv: vssdaemon: ignore the EBUSY on multiple freezing the same partition
b957545 connector: add portid to unicast in addition to broadcasting

The test kernel can be downloaded from:

Can this kernel be tested to see if it resolves this bug?

Note, that both the linux-image and linux-image-extra .deb packages need to be installed.