Comment 41 for bug 40189

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS support here. I can confirm this bug. The automount service needs to retrieve the automount NFS maps auto_home and auto_group from LDAP which it is unable to do because the network isn't up yet. To make things a bit more complicated, these are Kerberized (krb5) NFSv4 mounts.
After automount fails once it fails and doesn't try again when the network is up.
It seems to me this could be a case for upstart to enforce network being up before (network) automounts are attempted or automount being at least so smart to try again some time later or when the networks are up.
This is a serious bug in large scale Linux environments. Of course there are workarounds such at the ones documented in this thread, but they are ugly and why should every user/administrator have to reinvent the wheel when it is clear what the problem is?