Comment 39 for bug 40189

Same for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Since this isn't acceptable in a company environment I've stopped migrating to Ubuntu 12.04 from 10.04. It is something that has to be fixed before any further upgrades.

The whole thing doesn't work not only for Windows XP shares, it doesn't for NFS too. I have to restart autofs after all interfaces are up to make it work. The problem: autofs is started before *all* interfaces are up and running (only waiting on local-loopback). autofs then ignores any interface started afterwards.

Two solutions:
1. make autofs start *after* all configured interfaces are up, or
2. make autofs aware of additional interfaces, respecting and using them after additional interfaces are comming up.

At the moment autofs has to be restarted if interfaces come and go. If interfaces go it might take a long time until autofs exausts an error message about not being able to mount a share. If interfaces come up later autofs ignores them. Really bad, if autofs is used for automounting user homes or such stuff from centralized servers!