Comment 33 for bug 40189

Hello Canonical guys,

I have this problem specially for new and fast machines. Boot is just too fast. If autofs uses network shares (nis, nis+, ldap), it only can start autofs after the network is up (upstart bug?). Another solution is to start immediatelly (for static entries) and, after network is up, reload the configuration. If the reload script does not hurt other cases, please add it to autofs5-ldap package.

This bug hurts enterprise clients. Other distribution just works with autofs/ldap. Ubuntu should even have a gui in order to easily configure autofs/ldap.

I also noticed a very similar problem with samba. As it got up before network, it does not find the DC and it avoids to auth users until it is restarted. This is very anoying, specially for a cups print server.