Comment 12 for bug 1361940

Got access to another machine and tested. My test was pretty basic, using this file:

ubuntu@ms10-36-mcdivittB0:~$ cat trivialcgo.go
package main

import "C"

func main() {


Even with the patch in this file cannot be run:

ubuntu@ms10-36-mcdivittB0:~$ go run trivialcgo.go
no buildable Go source files in /home/ubuntu

But after installing gccgo-4.9 from proposed, it can:

ubuntu@ms10-36-mcdivittB0:~$ go run trivialcgo.go

(I was going to test using docker, but I can't remember which version of docker I used before: the one in trusty-updates does not build, I think because it depends on the patching of the standard library archive/tar package by add-tar-xattr-support.patch that the debian packaging for golang in trusty carries but that gccgo does not. I can probably find a version that works if you really want).