Comment 27 for bug 1394403

Thanks Wesley for resuming work in this.
I can confirm that your new debdiff aligns apache 2.4.7 to newer upstream releases.

My original "mod_rewrite->[P] inside .htaccess" issue remains only partly fixed. But that's not your fault or Ubuntus, it appears unfixed even in upstream.

With mod_rewrite->[P] rules in .htaccess, you need to set "DirectoryCheckHandler On" to keep mod_dir from interfering (even when "Options -Indexes" is set), whereas rules in vhost definitions just work.

This could be corrected by comparing the handler string against "proxy-server" in addition to just REDIRECT_HANDLER_NAME ("redirect-handler"); see attached debdiff, just a single line modified.

Alas, it seems my initial testing back then against newer apache version was broken. While I _thought_ I had found correct behaviour with mod_rewrite->proxy in .htaccess in 2.4.10 (Debian Testing at that time or pkgsrc), I don't get that now with 2.4.23 (Debian Testing). Even there I need to set "DirectoryCheckHandler On". Probably confused some xterms and compared with 2.2.x instead. Sorry for that.

With the modified debdiff, mod_rewrite->[P] in .htaccess works the same again as it does in vhost definitions.

Not sure if that fix is eligible for incorporation in a 14.04 release though, as it diverges from upstream (closer to ideal, but still diverging).