Comment 26 for bug 1394403


Sorry for the delay in getting the second part of the fix backported and about the confusion over which commits from upstream should be backported.

I have a updated debdiff that brings in the second part of the fix from upstream at:

Note though, that the modification to include/ap_mmn.h from that revision was not included in the attached debdiff. The change to that file was only to increment the minor version number for the modules included in this build. Since it was a bump to minor number there is no major incompatibility. Since there have been many changes to upstream between the last minor increment in module version number here, it did not make sense to modify the version number as it had been modified in the upstream revision. If it turns out that it would be good to modify the minor version in another way, please let me know and I will make that change.

Before I had tested the version of apache2 currently in trusty-updates with the provided test case and it appeared to me that everything was working as expected. Once this package has built I will repeat this test and will see if I can update the testcase slightly to show a difference in behavior between apache with this fix and the version with the older fix if none is immediately obvious.

The package is building in a ppa at: ppa:wesley-wiedenmeier/test

If anyone would like to test with the most recent debdiff that would be appreciated.