Comment 149 for bug 872044

Comment #30 cont'd... I just upgraded to F17+KDE
incl. latest packages obexd-0.44-1.fc17.i686
and kernel-PAE-3.4.0-1.fc17.i686
and send file from KDE using bluetooth still does not work.
Logging in as root to KDE makes no difference.
If the file is small then a confirmation popup shows on the phone
and if accepted then the file name briefly shows in the bluetooth directory on the phone.
If the file is large then the confirmation prompt does not show.
The phone in unpaired mode shows switching temporarily to paired mode
irrespective of small or large file.

However instead using the following commandline script the file transfer does work
# send file using bluetooth
# args: [ bdaddr [ channel file ] ]
# <> : get the <bdaddr>
# <bdaddr> : get the <channel>
# <bdaddr> <channel> <file> : send the <file>
case "$#" in
0) hcitool scan ;; # target must be discoverable
1) sdptool search --bdaddr $1 OPUSH ;;
3) obexftp --nopath --noconn --uuid none --bluetooth $1 --channel $2 --put $3 ;;