Comment 17 for bug 830949

On Tue, 2011-10-04 at 21:32 +0000, Sabin Iacob wrote:
> may I say that crippling options so that we can't use external monitors
> at their native resolution is not a solution?

You can use your external monitors at their native resolution. You just
can't use Unity 3D at the same time, because it's broken. Allowing you
to set a broken configuration is not an improvement.

> the solution to this
> problem is breaking the desktop into tiles smaller than max texture
> size, doing compositing/transforms and then combining them afterwards
> for display (or something more clever someone who is an actual graphics
> programmer can come up with, this seems the most straightforward
> approach to me)

This is indeed a correct solution, but not one that can be implemented
and tested in the 8 days before release. So, for Oneiric, we're going
to prevent you from setting a configuration that won't work. In P,
we'll fix compiz and unity so that this configuration will work.