Comment 3 for bug 1079953

Lionel Le Folgoc (mrpouit) wrote :

Keep only one issue per bug report, please. Otherwise it's too complicated to track what's been fixed and what's still open. Thanks.

> -- Ticking/unticking boxes in alacarte does not stick.
> -- New menu items created with alacarte are not put in place.
> -- Menu items deleted with alacarte remain in place.
> -- Moving items from one menu folder to another with alacarte no longer works.

Already fixed in Bug #1069207 for raring, and currently available in quantal-proposed for testing.

> (Note: exo-utils for xfce,which provides exo-desktop-item-edit, IS fully installed but this does not resolve the above bugs.)

I patched alacarte in Ubuntu to call exo-desktop-item-edit when the environment variable $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP is equal to "XFCE". If you installed Xubuntu and didn't change the session startup it should be fine.

> It seems better if the alacarte Applications Menu Editor in xubuntu would be replaced as standard
> (or at least as an option through the (x)ubuntu repos) by LXMenuEditor (

Try menulibre instead, at least it's not in java. :P