Comment 41 for bug 916879

Though I could not tell exatly what part of my tricking around removed the problem on 11.10 I am now able to keep using this version without the alt+tab annoyance. 12.04 can wait.

What I did:

* Since I had mistakenly activated unsupported upgrades to try and fix the alt+tab bug, which of course created some more unstability (evince, nautilus, apport, compiz and a few more repeatedly crashed), I set back as many packages as I could to the Oneiric (or Oneiric-security) supported version. Synaptic helped much. Maybe I missed some (and kept the unsupported version), maybe I installed otherwise unnecessary packages, maybe that's what helped removing the bug. I know this may not help much but if someone tells me how to generate the full list of my 2113 installed packages+versions to check for differences with the oneiric-security default list I would happily provide it.

* Then I noticed that I was running the (oneiric-proposed) 3.0.0-18 version of the kernel so I activated the grub menu and tried the 3.0.0-17 version. All unstable behaviors disappeared (including the unity switcher problem) so I configured grub to permanently use this version.

What happened:

Since then, beautiful and fully tuned 11.10 perfectly works - again.

If anyone could confirm that switching back to the 3.0.0-18 kernel version alone did it (without my previous messing around with packages), I am quite sure it would make many 11.10 users happier (though it would of course not solve the ethical question of back porting bug fixes).