Comment 11 for bug 669481

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package grub2 - 1.99-22ubuntu1

grub2 (1.99-22ubuntu1) quantal; urgency=low

  [ Colin Watson ]
  * Resynchronise with Debian. Remaining changes:
    - Adjust for default Ubuntu boot options ("quiet splash").
    - Default to hiding the menu; holding down Shift at boot will show it.
    - Set a monochromatic theme and an appropriate background for Ubuntu.
    - Apply Ubuntu GRUB Legacy changes to legacy update-grub script.
    - Fix backslash-escaping in merge_debconf_into_conf.
    - Remove "GNU/Linux" from default distributor string.
    - Add crashkernel option.
    - Bypass menu unless other OSes are installed or Shift is pressed.
    - Allow Shift to interrupt 'sleep --interruptible'.
    - Reduce visual clutter in normal mode.
    - Remove verbose messages printed before reading configuration.
    - Suppress kernel/initrd progress messages, except in recovery mode.
    - Show the boot menu if the previous boot failed.
    - Don't generate during grub-install or grub-mkconfig.
    - Adjust upgrade version checks for Ubuntu.
    - Suppress "GRUB loading" message unless Shift is held down.
    - Adjust versions of grub-doc and grub-legacy-doc conflicts.
    - Fix LVM/RAID probing in the absence of /boot/grub/
    - Look for .mo files in /usr/share/locale-langpack first.
    - Build-depend on qemu-kvm rather than qemu-system for grub-pc tests.
    - Check hardware support before using gfxpayload=keep.
    - Put second and subsequent Linux menu entries in a submenu.
    - Preferred resolution detection for VBE.
    - Set vt.handoff=7 for smooth handoff to kernel graphical mode.
    - Update default/grub.md5sum to include maverick's default md5sum.
    - In recovery mode, add nomodeset to the Linux kernel arguments, and
      remove the 'set gfxpayload=keep' command.
    - Skip Windows os-prober entries on Wubi systems, and suppress the menu
      by default if those are the only other-OS entries.
    - Handle probing striped DM-RAID devices.
    - Replace 'single' by 'recovery' when friendly-recovery is installed.
    - Use qemu -no-kvm in tests for now to work around LP #947597.
    - Disable cursor as early as possible in grub_main.
    - Don't crash on inaccessible loop device backing paths.
    - Backport several upstream EFI device discovery patches.

  [ Ben Howard ]
  * Parameterization of recordfail setting. This allows users to define the
    default time out of GRUB when recordfail has been set. The current
    setting causes hangs on headless and appliances where access to the
    console is limited or prohibited. (LP: #669481)

grub2 (1.99-22) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Debconf translations ]
  * Khmer added (Khoem Sokhem)
  * Slovenian (Vanja Cvelbar). Closes: #670616
  * Traditional Chinese (Vincent Chen).
  * Vietnamese (Hai Lang).
  * Marathi (Sampada Nakhare)
  * Finnish (Timo Jyrinki). Closes: #673976
  * Latvian (RÅ«dolfs Mazurs). Closes: #674697

  [ Colin Watson ]
  * Make apport hook compatible with Python 3.
  * Add upstream r3476 (fix memory leak in grub_disk_read_small) to
    4k_sectors.patch, otherwise the larger disk cache due to
    efi_disk_cache.patch can cause EFI systems to run out of memory.
 -- Colin Watson <email address hidden> Wed, 30 May 2012 12:11:57 +0100