Comment 6 for bug 752098

Benjamin Humphrey (humphreybc) wrote :

Hey Sam,

Indeed, it seems to be fixed somehow. I did some simple testing. With CCSM "Place Windows" plugin set to:

Placement Mode: "Smart"
Multi Output Mode: "Use active output device"

When I reported this bug:

I had a terminal on the Unity launcher. Middle clicking it have a dozen times would spawn instances of the Terminal above the viewable monitor area (dead zone) until that was full, then it would spawn in the viewable area.

The only way I could actually use these terminals in the dead zone would be to go into "Workspace Switcher" (aka, Expo) and then drag the windows down into the viewable area.


It seems the issue has been fixed somewhere along the line, (maybe in a recent version of Compiz?) so when I repeat the same thing as above, all of my terminal windows spawn in the viewable area and can be used, exactly how it should work.

Whether this is just me being lucky, and whether it has anything whatsoever to do with my video card drivers (ie, is it fixed for everyone?) I have no idea.

What's still not fixed:

* The mouse pointer can still go into the dead zone and be lost there.
* It's difficult to reveal the Unity launcher by using the corner hotspot because it isn't really a "corner" any more. (Although, now that Unity's default behaviour is edge reveal, this has sort of had a workaround effect which makes the launcher easier to reveal anyway - but it's not ideal, and if Unity's behaviour was manually changed back to "corner reveal" by the user, they would experience this issue again with multiple monitors).
* Icons on the desktop still appear in the dead zone

Hope this helps.