Comment 24 for bug 613288

I have a dual boot Wubi download install and have had similar problems to the above in that the boot fails to reinitialise entailing deletion from within Windows and a new install - however unlike the descriptions above, there aren't any error messages at all (context: I attempted update (twice) to the new version 10.10 from Lucid as per the button on the update manager inviting me to do that) in my case it was not possible to take a screenshot, since I ended up not anywhere in either Windows or Ubuntu to be able to do that (or anything else except switch off) So I am stuck with the Wubi primary Lucid (10.10 doesn't download, Lucid still does) until I can be reasonably certain the bug is fixed. (and sorry would like to help but am codingly challenged so haven't a clue how to!) Is there a case for removing the 10.10 from the update manager until this works? I lost all my settings and work twice because of it.