Comment 29 for bug 607399

Axel wrote :

""""Then I realized that I had gold as the default linker. Before carrying out the next kernel update I put the bsd ld back as default (simple symlink rewiring), ran the update - now the nvidia modules were linked using bsd ld -, bravely rebooted into the new kernel and was greeted by a friendly gdm!

Can anyone confirm?""""

YES! You cracked it! I can confirm that the problem seems to be related to the "gold" linker. Since the Maverick upgrade I had kernel oops every single time XOrg tried to start. The nvidia moduleee loadeds fine, it seems to be only when the X server loads does the OOPS occiur.

Following from what you said, I changed the ld soft link to /usr/bin/ld.bfd , reinstalled the nVidia driver, and hey presto it works!

Now, the question has to be... what is the "gold" linker doing to the nVidia source that "ld.bfd" is not?