Comment 35 for bug 745836

Success! I can easily and quickly reproduce the problem in Natty. It isn't a time-related issue at all, simply resource-related.

On Virtualbox 4.1.2, create a 32-bit Ubuntu VM with low memory (472MB in my case). Make sure your virtual hard-drive is at least 12GB so that Ubuntu allocates enough swap space to pull this off.
Install 11.04 from CD and install all updates, then reboot.
Vista-32 host if that makes any difference (which I doubt).

Steps to reproduce:
Open up LO writer, type a few words and save the file to disk. Leave the doc open, but minimized or otherwise inactive.
Open up every other app you can think of. System Monitor reported >200MB swapped for me.
Go back to LO and type a mis-spelled word, followed by a space.
Wait until the disk stops churning.
LO has crashed with this bug.

Once set up, it takes me less than ten minutes to produce another instance.

I stayed on the safe side and tried to replicate the most extreme of all reported conditions. It's likely that some of the steps I list are not actually required to reproduce this, but narrowing it down will take time.

I am currently upgrading the VM to oneiric to determine whether or not this is still an issue there.