Comment 98 for bug 644644

Gordon Ball (chronitis) wrote :

I note an interesting variation of this bug which I don't think anyone else has reported (ubuntu 10.10).

I am unable to play video at any time with totem (resulting in the pa_stream_cork() failed messageboxes as other have described).

However, using either rhythmbox (which I would naively assume is using all the same backend elements as totem), playback succeeds, but only if a network connection is available. No error messages are reported if no network connection is available, but the sounds frequently pauses and comes out in mixed-up order.

I see the same behaviour with mplayer (works providing a network connection is available, otherwise sound pauses and shuffles as with rhythmbox). No errors are shown except for a warning that my system is too slow to play the video (not the case). Mplayer can be made to work normally without a network connection by killing pulse and using -ao {alsa, oss}.

I looked in my pulseaudio configuration and could not obviously find anything that should be network dependent (network sinks, etc) - the configuration should be as-shipped, anyway.

I'm not sure if this is sufficiently different to count as a separate bug. I will see if the PPA above solves any of these issues.