Comment 19 for bug 691130


Op 07-01-11 20:47, georgeliu schreef:
> Yes, you can create a "print-to-file" queue using the same PPD file.

I'll implement that next week.

> In my previous posting (#14), I didn't want you to try anything new, I just want to know how to reproduce the problem.
> Do I need to do the following as specified in your original posting?

Probably, yes. Because otherwise, as far as I understand, CUPS may use
the new PDF workflow.

- set mime.convs options as described
- restart CUPS if necessary (if I understand correctly, it calculates
the print routing only during it's startup, but I may be wrong)
- easiest way is: have gtklp installed, please print the file with this,
make sure you have "duplex" printing OFF.

Please note, that the file you have is the file as found in the print
queue, so it's meant to be printed with lp or gtklp. If you reopen it
with Acrobat or Evince, I'm not sure what it will get you - probably
just a dull print.

Another new fact is, that the printer in question is a NRG MPC4500;
we're only using the 4510 PS file, hence my confusion.

Please note, that because of the duplex/non duplex sensitivity, I'm
still not 100% confident that of the reproducability of this problem,
i.e. there may still be parts missing. Ulrich Wehner from Ricoh USA was
able to crash some older printer, but not his regular MPC3500. So I hope
that the print-to-file option will get us a Postscript file that will
crash the printer directly.

Best regards,