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udisks --dump

I'm using Gentoo's udisks-1.0.1-r2, which is effectively udisks-1.0.1 plus the "Update to latest LVM2 API" patch (commit 2b2fcf80841972b70ad695a5a1ed74487d4fd37a) and the "Fix long hangs on probing nonexistant floppy drives" patch (commit ca93d4e2d9e7f483b2fde1725da086e2cca44164). The problem is with the latter patch.

If udisks-daemon is running, then after using the 'mount' command to mount a filesystem on an inserted floppy disk, the mount succeeds, but immediately afterwards, udisks-daemon steps in and forcibly unmounts it again! The problem seems to be due to the handling of media change notification. The "Fix long hangs on probing nonexistant floppy drives" patch modifies update_info() in "src/device.c" so that the device_is_media_available flag is always set to FALSE for a (removable) floppy drive. Consequently, the file system gets forcibly unmounted because udisks-daemon thinks the mounted medium has gone away!

Mounting the floppy with the 'udisks --mount' command works, but it ought to be possible to use the regular 'mount' command.