Comment 68 for bug 346912

jrrk (jrrk) wrote :

I should like to add my humble opinion. My system (quad core 2.4GHz Intel Core2) which worked just fine until upgrading to Ubuntu 9.04 - the Jaunty Jackalope, is now as slow as Windows Vista (sorry for the insult). Launching the about Ubuntu dialog takes nearly a minute. At no time was tracker-indexer enabled, and the dialog box in search and indexing is and always has been unchecked. Right now the tracker-indexer process (which sits in status uniterruptable for 10s of seconds at a time) is hitting 2.5 Gbytes (out of 3.7 available) on a 64-bit machine. I suppose 32-bit users would have the benefit it would crash and cease to be a problem around this point.

No insult to the author but I think you should be disabling this package and removing it from all systems by default, until the problem is found, otherwise users will be deserting ubuntu in droves, as I was thinking of doing until I found this blog