Comment 20 for bug 114505

I may be having a different problem than other posters on this bug report. My internet connection is a WPA-secured wireless connection. The interface is brought up at boot time, and NTP is started. However, the wireless card does not connect to the router before I log in and enter my keyring password (which unlocks the WPA password). At that time, ntpd has already figured out that it cannot connect to any of the time servers:

 Oct 7 14:17:43 localhost ntpd_initres[5377]: couldn't resolve `', giving up on it

Now, when the wireless interface connects to the router and gets configured via DHCP, NTP does not do anything anymore.

I guess that most people using laptops with WPA-secured wireless networks suffer from the same problem. I believe the default configuration should work with this kind of setup (as it appears to be increasingly common).