Comment 18 for bug 1815889

- qemu crash when using GL
- "sched_setaffinity" is the syscall that is seccomp blocked and kills qemu
- the mesa i915 drivers (and your radeon as well) will do that call
- it is blocked by the current qemu -sanbox on,...,resourcecontrol=deny which is libvirts default
- Implemented by qemu 24f8cdc572
- Similar issue being fixed last year qemu 056de1e894
- new code in mesa 18.3 since mesa d877451b48

I think we just need to allow sched_setaffinity with these new mesa drivers in the wild.
The alternative to detect gl usage in libvirt and only then allow ressourcecontrol IMHO seems over-engineered (needs internals to actually pass the need of seccomp subsets to be switched) and not better (more syscalls will be non-blocked then as the -secomp interface isn't fine grained).

OTOH the man page literally says "... Disable process affinity ...", so I'm not sure we can just remove it. Maybe split resourcecontrol in two, put *affinity* in the new one and make the default being not blocked - so that upper layers like libvirt will work until one explicitly states ... -sandbox on,affinity=on which no one wanting to use GL would do. That again seems too much.
Well the discussion will happen either here on ML/bug or latter when submitting an RFC for it.