Comment 59 for bug 1850651

It's a loss of functionality nonetheless. In this instance my entire calendar is inoperable! I didn't ask for that so yes I tried to go to a version that might have a chance of getting my functionality back. There was a post that hinted that that 69.01b might work. When I went to the download area I saw 69.04b so I tried that. What I ended up with was a bare-bones installation - no email accounts, no add-ons, nothing.

Have you ever heard of the saying "If it ain't broke then don't fix it"? This wasn't broken until you broke it. And there appears to be no (simple) way back. I didn't ask for my email client of some 17 years to break so horribly. In fact, I was purposely avoiding it by testing it out on another system (laptop). I didn't even get a chance to say "Thanks but no thanks, I'll stay with what is working". AFAICT I was forced into this so Dan's statement of not forcing updates is, AFAICT, false. I've been using Thunderbird since before it was Thunderbird. Yes there are times when add-ons fail to work initially but never has it been this broken WRT Add-Ons in the 17 years I've been using Thunderbird.

And by broke, I do not mean just the add-ons. Granted Google Provider seems busted with OAuth. Google Provider keeps asking me to log in and afterward does nothing but ask me again so yes that's this bug here. I have Version 68 of Google Provider.

What I meant by my environment being screwed up is that when run Thunderbird shows me a basic setup, no accounts, no add-ons, nothing. I'm coming to find out it seems to have created a blank profile instead of using my existing one. But my existing one was still there so using the ProfileManager I was able to log in with the correct profile and I'm cleaning that up.