Comment 13 for bug 1799767

Dear Steve,

thanks for your reply. When you wanted me to apport-collect 1799767 once more, shim-signed wasn't installed because I had mad some experiments to solve the problem by myself. So I installed it again to do apport-collect 1799767 once more, but the effect is still the same.

And to clearify that: When I enable CSM in BIOS there is no secure boot but when I disable it, I have secure boot. And as a news: I tried the day before yesterday to set CSM to "auto" and SecureBoot is working with that configuration as well. Only setting to "CSM=enabled" the system doesn't boot in secure mode.

You asked if I am sure, that it was "shim-signed 1.37~18", but I can not tell, because normally I do not look at the details, when an update will be installed. I just install it when Update-manager means i should. I trust Ubuntu in that point.

I normally install the updates close to the time when they are published. Maybe some days later.