Comment 2 for bug 1836860

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This should be

Linux Kernel part
46a984ff s390/cpum_cf: Add support for CPU-MF SVN 6 (included in 5.2)
1c410fd s390/cpum_cf_diag: Add support for CPU-MF SVN 6 (included in 5.2)
820bace s390/cpumf: Add extended counter set definitions for model 8561 and 8562 (5.3-rc1)

s390-tools-part (all upstream available):
f110a77b cpumf: Add support for CPU-Measurement Facility counters SVN 6

libpfm4 part (all upsteam available):
b831b04 s390/cpumf: add support for machine type 8561
c08003f s390/cpumf: add support for counter second version number 6
dc643f4 s390/cpumf: add IBM z14 ZR1 support