Comment 0 for bug 1845263

Simon D├ęziel (sdeziel) wrote :

Since LP: #1797386, openssl with TLS 1.3 support is available on Bionic. This had the nice side effect of enabling TLS 1.3 for various services (nginx, postfix, dovecot, etc) but not apache2.

TLS 1.3 support is required to use the "modern compatibility" configuration recommended by Mozilla [1]. Since Bionic is an LTS release and apache2 is popular and in main, it would be nice to have support for TLS 1.3.

According to [2], support for TLS 1.3 was added in version 2.4.36 while Bionic ships 2.4.29. Disco ships with 2.4.38 so should be OK.