Comment 14 for bug 1730717

On Wed, Nov 08, 2017 at 06:57:46PM -0000, Joseph Salisbury wrote:
> Maybe give 4.13.0-16 a try:
> team/+archive/ubuntu/ppa2/+build/13567624
> It could also be the bug is being triggered by a Ubuntu specific SAUCE
> patch, so it won't happen with upstream kernels.

It looked to me like that's the same kernel that's in artful release, so
instead I tried with the kernel in artful-proposed (4.13.0-17.20) and
managed to reproduce the bug on 1/6 instances after a few reboot cycles.
So I think my method is okay to check candidate kernels. Feel free to
throw some more at me if you want to bisect.

(I think IS took some of the slower machines out of rotation so the
problem might become slightly harder to reproduce - definitely is still
happening though.)

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