Comment 14 for bug 486157


Your changelog entry for the merge now just says:

  * Merge from debian testing, remaining changes:
    - debian/changelog: carry along notes on old Ubuntu changes.

Sorry, that wasn't my point - my question was, there are lots of other *changes* listed in the Ubuntu package, and these changes are not mentioned as having been merged in the Debian version, so why are they being dropped as part of the sync?

I'm looking here for an answer like:
 - the changes were actually all merged in the Debian package, but just weren't shown in the changelog
 - the changes are obsolete and should be dropped because ____
 - the changes are still applicable, but have been rejected by Debian/upstream and the issue they fix is so minor that it's not worth carrying a delta for.

Analyzing the package myself, here are the conclusions I've reached about the changes mentioned in the latest changelog entry:

  * debian/changelog: carry along notes on old Ubuntu changes. All
    except the here mentioned are now part of the Debian version.

no-op; we don't carry Ubuntu deltas *just* for changelog entries, so if this were the only thing left, it would be a sync. (I wouldn't have even included a changelog entry about this.)

  * debian/copyright: add icon copyright info.

Fixed in 2.10-2, as mentioned.

  * debian/control:
    - versioned build-depends on debhelper >= 5.0.51~ due to the use
      of dh_icons in debian/rules.

superseded by Debian, which build-depends on debhelper 7.

  * debian/control:
    - ubuntu maintainer mangling.

another no-op.

  * debian/control:
    - add suggests: xtide-wvs1-data, the Ubuntu package containing the
      shoreline data.
  * Drop xtide-wvs1-data from Suggests, use xtide-coastline instead.

integrated in the Debian package (again with no mention in the Debian changelog)

  * debian/xtide.conf: add /usr/share/xtide-wvs1 to specify where
    to find optional shoreline data.

This seems to actually be a typo, the directory added is /usr/share/xtide-wvs, not /usr/share/xtide-wvs1. And Debian has that change also, again not documented in the changelog.

So yes, it appears this is suitable for a sync instead of a merge - do you agree with this analysis?