Comment 22 for bug 96676

Instead of fighting for who's fault it is: Is it somehow likely that this will be fixed in the near future? I guess the "standard user" is not interested in the fact whether the bug is because of ncurses, xterm or whatever. To me it is completely irrelevant whether xterm follows the rules described by terminfo, or terminfo describes the behavior of xterm - as long as the information matches correctly (which is obviously not the case at the moment). And I think we all agree that the current behavior is not what it should be. The version of mc is still 4.6.1 as it already has been on Dapper, so changes here are unlikely (and, as I pointed out in my last post, see #12 above) it works fine when accessed remotely via ssh from a different system (in my case, RHEL4 or CentOS 4.5 to be more precise). And it is very unlikely that a bunch of apps broke the same thing in the same manner (vim and irsii mentioned here explicitely). So it must be some underlying thing.
From the sources I found on that issue at least to me it looks quite clear, that only F1..F4 are affected (and in mc, for me these seem the only broken keys as far as I can tell by now). Since xterm and gnome-terminal (and possibly some other terms and apps as well) seem affected, it may be some underlying library or the like. Is it possible to locate the change - and how could we possibly help locating?