Comment 7 for bug 311983

On Sat, 12 Dec 2009, Paul Szabo wrote:

> Dear Thomas,
> The "problem" is not with the meanings or descriptions of AllowTitleOps
> (though a warning that "setting AllowWindowOps is insecure" is missing).
> The problem is that
> perl -e 'print "\e\]0;;bad-command;\a\e\[21t"'
> should set the title (then maybe retrieve it); but that setting does not
> happen on Ubuntu. (The setting works fine on Debian, and there is no

I understood the problem statement, and suggested one of the
possibilities, which could be checked by anyone who's able to reproduce
the problem. (Another possibility is that he's using patch #243, for
which there was already a fix - but bug reports lacking a version number
for xterm don't have enough information to do more than speculate).

Thomas E. Dickey