Comment 21 for bug 33617

Here's a summary the different workarounds for this problem that people have suggested in this thread, which of these is my best bet, if I'm willing to reinstall Dapper on my laptop and try to workaround this problem?

- Use vesa module instead of savage. How do you do this? Just replace savage with vesa in xorg.conf?

- reconf xserver-xorg using savage but deselect DRI => DRI seams to be the problem!

- Add Option "BusType" "PCI" to xorg.conf

- Add

   Option "BusType" "PCI"
   Option "DmaMode" "None"

   to the "Device" section in xorg.conf

- reconfiguring several times with dpkg-reconfigure

I think when I get round to it, I will probably attempt to just use the vesa module, that sounds simplest.