Comment 106 for bug 33617

On Thu, 13 Nov 2008 06:56:35 -0000
"Gabriel M." <email address hidden> wrote:

> I'm about to attempt an install of Intrepid on a Thinkpad T22 and a T23
> for some friends, so I disagree with the "this card is now too old to
> support" statement. What are you doing of Linux's reputation of running
> on old computers better than Windows XP? Nothing indicates these
> computers are dying, and my friends may be using them for the next 5
> years. Will there be 10 more versions of Ubuntu with this bug?


I expressed those sentiments because the laptops are gradually disappearing,
especially among developers with time and interest to volunteer to fix the bug.
I expect Ubuntu and the broader Linux community would welcome you to fix the bug
yourself or hire someone else to fix it for you.

Demanding that someone else volunteer to fix it is unlikely to help, especially
when the potential volunteers no longer have access to the laptops.

I love the ThinkPad series. I currently use a T23, my wife uses a T22 and a
friend clings to a T21, no run with an external screen because the monitor
died. Of course I'd like to see the support improved for them and extended as
well. I see it is a reality of the volunteer-driven lifecycle of open source
software. You are welcome to alter cycle with your own time or financial